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The Public Union «Virtual Assets of Ukraine» (VAU) was founded in November 2020 by the non-governmental organisation (NGO) «Blockchain4Ukraine», blockchain ecosystem «Binance» and law companies Juscutum and Arzinger.

The mission of VAU is the launch of the virtual assets market in Ukraine as well as blockchain adoption in the key sectors of the business and public sector.

VAU is strategic partner of the Parliamentary Group «Blockchain4Ukraine»

Who we are



Oleksiі Zhmerenetskyi, MP
Head of the Parliamentary Group «Blockchain4Ukraine» and Head of the Supervisory Board of VAU, Member of Parliament
Konstantin Yarmolenko
Founder/CEO at Virtual Assets of Ukraine
Kirill Homyakov
Binance general manager Ukraine
Oleksandr Iefremov
CEO at Kitsoft Ukraine
Oleksii Konashevych, PhD
Executive Director of the Australian Institute for Digital Transformation
Artem Afyan
Managing Partner at Juscutum
Timur Bondaryev
Founding & Managing Partner at Arzinger
Viktoriia Yarmoshchuk
Andrii Bondar
Yevhen Leskiv
Oleksandr Koliada, PhD
Co-founder and CSO in Diagen


Peter Bilyk
Head of Technology & Investments at Juscutum
Iryna Bilyaeva
Partner, CEO at Juscutum
Victoriia Ruda
Project expert «Blockchain Estate Registry»

Partners & Memorandums

The Parliament of Ukraine, Parliamentary Group «Blockchain4Ukraine»
Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Ministry of Energy of Ukraine
State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

What we do


Post-war Blockchain recovery plan for Ukraine:

  • Decentralized blockchain registry for real estate and land
  • Smart contracts for the investments
  • Zero corruption since human factor is eliminated
  • Assets tokenization
  • Cross-border transactions

Blockchain Estate Registry (BER)

New generation property registry that:

  • Operates with digital records of ownership – Title Tokens
  • Enables smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions
  • Relies on new forms of [digital] governance and public services
  • Based on a bundle of creditable blockchains
  • Runs in parallel to the current registry system – optional for users

European Blockchain Partnership (EBP)

Partnership development strategy:

  • Ukraine joined EBP as an observer
  • Ukraine will join current projects and offer new initiatives
  • Ukraine's citizens will be able to store and exchange digital information and documents online and instantly with their smartphones thanks to a digital wallet


Verified by Binance

VAU is the only non-governmental organization in Ukraine verified by Binance

Multi signature

The crypto payments are made via multi signature procedure by the board members of VAU


Integrated KYC/AML filters


Annual audits by reputable audit company


Our experts are paid in crypto on their verified wallets

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